Why have personal training?

I offer you a bespoke service tailored to your abilities, preferences and goals. Each and every session is designed and programmed completely around YOU. Every movement, rep, set and station designed with the purpose of helping you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals.

You First Session

Our first session, or "initial consultation" in more formal terms, is where we would meet up and have a good long chat about you. We will get to know each other, then we will move on to your exercise history, any health issues or injuries, and then we move on to setting your goals. I like to break them down into short, medium and long term goals, and from this, I can tell you what sort of training we should do, and we will work together to plan your perfect programme. Of course it is never to late to change things if you are not enjoying the sessions, as the sessions are tailored to you and your preferences.
We will also do a little taster after we sat down for a while, to give you a taste of what is to come, and also for me to see first hand what sort of abilities you have, so we know where to start from.


I am very flexible with times and can train you at the crack of dawn, at the end of the day, or even during the main part of the day on select days of the week. I would book your sessions two weeks in advance, as it makes planning easier, and can help guarantee that you get the days and times you want.



Please contact me for more information-






For all three of these memberships, a notice period of one calendar month is required, from when your last payment was received. Failure to do so will lead to you having to wait another month, or paying half your membership amount to cancel it there and then.


Available on its own, or as an add on (Please read platinum package if you want personal training and nutritional advise among many other things) includes:


Initial food diary analysis
The more accurate and honest your food diary, the better. This will allow me to see what sorts of food you are eating, how much, if you are eating enough "good stuff", and if you are eating too much "bad stuff"



Diet Plan
From the goals you have given me, as well as some info on the healthy food you really like, as well as foods you really don't like, I will give you a nutritional plan (note: I am not a dietician, and cannot "prescribe" a diet to you, all I can do is advise on a knowledgeable and personal level). There are no fad diets or quick fixes involved, only good wholesome nutritious food.


Shopping list
I will give you a list of foods to buy, including meals of the day, and healthy nutritious snacks in between if applicable to you.

I will give you a few recipes you can use at your leisure, these will most likely come from outsourced food guides or books etc.